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1.1 The present document stands as the official ruleset for the Bracara eCup, organized by Länk Football Group.


2.1 The tournament will be played online in a H2H FIFA 22 Ultimate team format. Matches will be played as Best of One (Bo1).
2.2 Players will only be allowed to compete using the teams they represent in the competition with their respective uniforms, etc.


3.1 16 teams/clubs will be invited to the tournament, and they will compete until a winner is found.
3.2 The tournament may be played on PS4 or PS5. In case a player no longer has a PS4 or would rather compete on a PS5 he may do so as long as the players’ version of the game is the PS4 version.


4.1 1st Place = 1500€
4.2 2nd Place = 500€.


5.1 In order to register for the competition players must register via the Toornament website. In order to register players must have a Toornament account.
5.2 Player registration is subject to the capacities, limitations, and Terms of Use of Toornament. In the event that Toornament does not allow a player or players to register for any reason, registration to compete cannot be done using another method.
5.3 Tournament registration is free.
5.4 All players must be at least 14 years old by the time of their first match in the competition.
5.5 The Organizer reserves the right to, at any moment, request that teams/players’ present documentation as proof of their age in order to verify their eligibility to compete. Refusing to comply with the request and present the necessary documentation will lead to automatic DQ of the team/player.
5.6 As stated by the Personal Data Protection Act Bracara e-Cup will guarantee teams/players the rights of access, rectification, update, or deletion of their personal data at all times.
5.7 The Organizer has the right to invalidate or refuse any registration from teams or players that do not meet the necessary competition criteria and consequently remove the team/player from the competition without need for previous notice.
5.8 By registering to compete players agree to all points and terms expressed in this ruleset.


6.1 Players must compete using the account that was registered in Toornament for the competition.
6.2 The tournament will be played in a single-elimination bracket. Matches will be played at the Best of 1 (Bo1). In the event of a tie at the end of a match, the tiebreaker will be decided through Golden Goal and if needed penalties. 6.3 Seeding will be random.
6.4 The player designated as the Home Team will be responsible for inviting his opponent to the match (the player who appears on top in the bracket will be the Home Team player).
6.5 In the event of a player losing his Internet connection during a match, the match must be resumed by starting a new game and the remaining time on the clock must be played. The match score at the moment of the loss of connection by the player must be taken into account as well as cards shown during the match. In the case of expelled players their expulsion must be forced, and the match resumed after previous conditions have been recreated.
Players will be responsible for providing evidence of the match score and expulsion in the event of a connection loss, anytime they are requested to do so by the tournament referees.
6.6 Players are not allowed to switch to the goalkeeper’s camera and control mainly the goalkeeper. In the event of this happening the opposing player will be responsible for pausing the match e submitting evidence to the tournament referees. The tournament organizers may disqualify the player in case that this is a repeated action and/or it has a critical impact in the match. This rule is only applicable to situations in which the goalkeeper is controlled using the touchpad. All other methods to control the goalkeeper are permitted.


7.1 All matches must be played on FIFA 21 FUT 1vs1 online format on PS4 and PS5.
7.2 To start a match the Home Team player must add his opponent on PSN and create a match with the following configuration:
Team Level: Any Half-Time: 6 minutes Controls: Any Speed: Normal Squads: Online
The following camera option are not allowed:

  • pro
  • end to end
  • dynamic

7.3 The Home Team player will be responsible for the correct configuration of the match. The Home Team player will be the one that shows on top or left side in the bracket.
7.4 Players are not allowed to come to an agreement that would alter the configurations of a match.
7.5 Loaned players cards are not allowed.
7.6 In case a player notices any infraction in the match configuration he must not start the match. The player must report the situation immediately to and appointed referee accompanied by the supporting evidence.


8.1 Players are exclusively responsible for their equipment (peripherals, comms, etc), possible DDOS prevention and for the maintenance and stability of their Internet connection in all matches.


9.1 Players must be prepared to compete at least 30 minutes before the appointed start time for their matches.
9.2 Matches will be played on a date and time determined by the Organiser.
9.3 There will be a 5-minute delay tolerance after the appointed start time for a match. Once that time period has ended in the event that one or more participants are not present and ready to start the match a default loss will be attributed to the players who are not present within the time limit.
9.4 In the event of a no-show by a player, after the 5-minute tolerance time the opponent, must submit an image as proof that is opponent is non responsive to the attempts to contact him or online. The proof must be submitted to a tournament official.


10.1 Postponing or changing the appointed Schedule for match is not allowed without permission from the staff.
10.2 The organiser reserves the right to, at any moment, end, alter, shorten, delay, or prologue the competition in the event of any illegal or fraudulent activity, or any external facts, outsider of the control of the organiser and that may influence the normal course of the competition, in which case tournament participants are not allowed any type of compensation.


11.1 Players must submit the correspondent match results correctly, by submitting proof of the results (images of the results and players account names) via the tournaments’ host platform.
11.2 If the results submitted by both players’ do not match, the tournament decisions will make the final decision regarding the match result.


12.1 Any decision made by the Organizer is final and must be respected at any moment. Disrespecting any member of the staff may result in the immediate disqualification of the team and or player.
12.2 The rules present in this apply to any moment of the competition and must be respected at all times.
12.3 Tournament officials and referees appointed to manage the competition will have complete authority to analyse each situation and the respective mitigating or aggravating circumstances individually. According to the seriousness of the situation and whether or not it is a repeated offense players and teams may be subject to more serious penalties.
12.4 All participants must act in a polite and respectful manner toward all players, administrators, organizers, staff, and viewers. All participants agree to respect the decisions of tournament officials at all times.
12.5 Any kind of agreement between players, teams, or participants regarding match results in Exchange for any type of benefit is expressly prohibited.
12.6 The use of any king of cheat or exploit of known or unknown game bugs is expressly prohibited.
12.7 All players must compete showing the best performance possible and respecting the principles of fair play and the seriousness of the competition.
12.8 Any behaviour designed to harm the normal course of the competition is expressly prohibited.
12.9 Protests against an opponent regarding non-compliance with the rules are admissible before the start of the match.
12.10 All protests must be submitted before the start of a match and accompanied by evidence so that tournament officials may analyse them. Once a match is played to its’ end it shall be considered that both players have agreed to the terms and conditions in which the match was played on. A protest submitted after the end of a match will not be accepted.
12.11 The final decision regarding protests during the tournament goes to the competition organizer.


13.1 Not complying with any of the rules present in this rulebook may result in a tournament disqualification of the player by the organizer.


14.1 The Organization reserves the right to alter the present rulebook at any moment in the event of necessity.
14.2 Unawareness of the rules listed in this document does not serve as justification for non-compliance and application of the aforementioned.
14.3 Any instance not contemplated in this rulebook will be revised by the Organization and it will have full authority to deliberate and apply whatever changes deemed necessary within the principles of justice and sportsmanship.


15.1 All broadcast content and image rights are property of Länk Football Group. No restream, rebroadcast or usage of content provided by Bracara eCup is allowed without the consent of the Organizer.
15.2 No team or player can refuse that their games be broadcasted by the Organizer.
15.3 By registering to compete all participants accept that the Länk Football Group and its subsidiary companies and authorised partners may use their personal and digital image, full name and In-game nickname for competition promotional purposes and related marketing campaigns.
15.4 All participating teams and players agree that the Länk Football Group and its subsidiary companies and authorised partners may use their image, logos, brands and players for competition promotional purposes and related marketing campaigns.
15.5 All participants (players and/or teams) concede the aforementioned rights in gratuitous fashion, and renounce to request for any compensation regarding those rights.

16.1 The Organization can be contacted through email, the official means of communication, via: